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And welcome to the new age!!!  We have indeed passed the threshold from one age into another.  So many things are possible now that before were masked by lower vibrational frequencies.  The new energy of this new age is that of a higher frequency.  Welcome it!!

The Sun in our Solar System has for the last 2+ decades been ex-pulsing a plasma charged solar radiation into the earth's tectonic plates, into our atmosphere and into humanity.  The Solar Plasma is shifting our consciousness, our biology and our DNA, allowing us to move from a carbon based biology to a silicon or crystalline structure.  Hurrah!!!  The gradual process has begun.
This energy also allows for a new ionic resonance that will help open the pineal and facilitate a theta state in the brain that fosters healing, creativity, and well-being.

It is not to be feared!!!  It is what will help us move into a world where love and compassion and responsible creativity has dominion over our lives. 
Welcome!! Welcome!! Welcome!!

 Reiki Clinic     

Meeting once a month.  First Saturday 5:30-7:30pm  See events page.

It is my goal with Reiki classes, healing sessions and workshops to give people tools to raise their vibrations and participate in their own magnificence. 

It is the goal with both ReikiDance and with Crystal Singing Bowls to create space where each person can experience that magnificence and begin to work it into their biology.  I hope you can give yourself the gift of positive change in your life.  I am here on the planet to help.

Also please check out DivineQuantumReiki.com; a technique for removing outdated patterns and installing new operating systems for a healthier whole life function.

Participate as much as you can in your/our emerging divinity.  Enjoy!!  In Joy!!
In loving service,

Although my experience of Reiki is that it comes from the higher vibrational realms of Source, others feel it in connection with the Earth.  I believe it to be an omnipresent, accessible gift, however you experience it.
Healing Benefits of Reiki Video: http://www.examiner.com/article/the-healing-benefits-of-reiki

Here is a very interesting video about new research from Russia about the Human Aura.  Definitely worth a look.
For more information contact Mary-Joy:  info@ReikiDanceIntl.com
Also see:  DivineQuantumReiki.com
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